Viscosity-Corrected Shear Speed Estimates and Shear Speed Images


Executive Summary


Ultrasound imaging relies on sound waves to develop ultrasound images, which are used in diagnostics for a wide variety of medical conditions affecting organs and soft tissues. Current approaches to estimate shear wave speed for shear wave elastography imaging in viscoelastic soft tissue consistently overestimate the shear speed, due to the fact that the shear viscosity is ignored in their estimations. Researchers at MSU have collaborated with researchers at the Mayo Clinic to address this issue and have developed a new method to accurately measure shear viscosity.


Description of Technology


Researchers at MSU and the Mayo Clinic have developed a new method that yields accurate estimates of shear wave speed for shear wave elastography imaging in viscoelastic soft tissue. This novel technology is the first to correct shear viscosity estimation errors.


Key Benefits

  • Avoids Overestimation: Precise measurement of shear speed
  • Increased Precision: Unmatched accuracy in estimates of shear viscosity



  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Major medical ultrasound manufacturers


Patent Status:


Patent pending, application published #WO2016209922


Licensing Rights Available


Full licensing rights available.


Inventors: Robert J. McGough, Yiqun Yang, Matthew W. Urban


Tech ID: TEC2015-0137


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Raymond Devito
Technology Manager
Michigan State University