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Surgical Device to Measure the Softness/Hardness of the Pancreas

Executive SummaryA common problem for pancreatic surgeons is the prevention of pancreatic leaks in the post-operation phase of pancreatic surgery. Pancreatic leaks can cause serious health problems for the patients and are sometimes fatal. Researchers at MSU are addressing this problem using the state of the art technology and engineering.Descripti...
Published: 1/24/2018   |   Inventor(s): Srinivas Kavuturu, Ranjan Mukherjee
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical, Veterinary

Viscosity-Corrected Shear Speed Estimates and Shear Speed Images

Executive SummaryUltrasound imaging relies on sound waves to develop ultrasound images, which are used in diagnostics for a wide variety of medical conditions affecting organs and soft tissues. Current approaches to estimate shear wave speed for shear wave elastography imaging in viscoelastic soft tissue consistently overestimate the shear speed, d...
Published: 11/8/2017   |   Inventor(s): Robert McGough, Yiqun Yang, Matthew Urban
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical, Analytical Instruments, Computer Software, Test and Measurement

Device for Treatments of Visually Triggered Migraine Headaches and Seizures

Executive SummaryOver 37 million people suffer from migraines in the United States alone. In many cases stressful visual images can trigger migraines and epileptic seizures, and patients who suffer from migraines have a lower threshold for visual discomfort than patients who do not suffer from migraines. MSU researchers are working to combat the is...
Published: 11/8/2017   |   Inventor(s): Jie Huang, David Zhu
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical, Computer Software

Improved Virus-Like Particle for Vaccine Development with Reduced Anti-Carrier Antibody Response

Executive SummaryNanoparticles, such as virus-like particles (VLPs), have gained a lot of traction within the field of immunotherapy, largely inspired by the successful development of vaccines against hepatitis B and HPV-induced cervical cancer. Research to improve the immunogenic response against other types of antigens has led to testing various ...
Published: 11/3/2017   |   Inventor(s): Xuefei Huang, Suttipun Sungsuwan
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical

Nicking Saturation Mutagenesis - a Fast and Kit-Compatible Method to Create Mutational Libraries

Executive SummaryThere is a huge interest in the research and pharmaceutical industry to improve protein properties by mutation. Enzyme and antibody engineering have become key areas of worldwide R&D activity in the private and university sector. The demand for simple, cheap, fast, and robust methods to prepare comprehensive mutagenesis librari...
Published: 8/18/2017   |   Inventor(s): Emily Wrenbeck, Timothy Whitehead, James Stapleton, Justin Klesmith
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical, Biotechnology

Surgical system for minimally invasive repair of sacro-iliac luxations/fractures in dogs and cats

Executive SummaryInjuries to the pelvises of cats and dogs often result in damage to the Sacro-iliac or SI joint. Traditionally, SI joint damage is repaired using an invasive operation, increasing morbidity for the patient as well as high levels of radiation exposure for the surgical team. Recently, there has been increased interest in the utiliza...
Published: 8/14/2017   |   Inventor(s): Loic Dejardin
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical, Veterinary

Health and Disease Monitoring in the Heart and the Aorta Based on Model-Based Ballistocardiogram Analysis

Executive SummaryBallistocardiogram (BCG) is a recording of cardiac force exerted on the body due to the ejection of blood by the heart. Researchers at Michigan State University, University of Maryland, and Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new method to analyze the BCG signal to detect abnormalities of blood pressure associated with...
Published: 8/11/2017   |   Inventor(s): Ramakrishna Mukkamala, Chang-Sei Kim, Stephanie Ober, Jin-Oh Hahn, Omer Inan
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical

Virtual Reality-Based Training Software for Improved Recognition of Elder Abuse and Neglect

Executive SummaryElder abuse and neglect (EA/N) affects 1 in 10 older adults. Despite high prevalence rates of elder abuse and neglect (EA/N), compliance with mandatory reporting remains low; a lack of practical training on EA/N has been identified as a barrier. Researchers at Michigan State University have developed an innovative virtual-reality b...
Published: 8/10/2017   |   Inventor(s): Carolyn Ziminski Pickering
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical, Therapeutic

Novel Compounds to Treat Canine Histiocytic Sarcomas and Other Malignancies

Executive SummaryHistiocytic sarcomas are very aggressive and invasive tumors that occur with high incidence in Bernese Mountain dogs, Rottweilers, Flat Coated Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers. The prognosis of histiocytic sarcomas is poor with median survival time of a few weeks to a few months. The currently available clinical treatments, includ...
Published: 8/10/2017   |   Inventor(s): Vilma Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan, Jetze Tepe
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical, Animal/Veterinary, Pharmaceutical

Apparatus for Bone Regeneration Studies and Orthopedic Medicine

Executive SummaryIn the field of orthopedic medicine, there are limited standards for laboratory testing of animals in bone regeneration studies. MSU researchers have created an apparatus for use in bone research to enable reproducible results in bone and orthopedic medicine experiments that could also be used for standardizing bone studies within ...
Published: 8/9/2017   |   Inventor(s): Kurt Hankenson, Robert Zondervan
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical, Animal/Veterinary
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