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Position-Sensitive Radiation Detector

Executive SummaryGaseous ionization detectors are capable of measuring the energy and location of ionizing radiation. MSU researchers have developed an improved method of integrating multiple detection methods into a single parallel plate detector. By a novel means of arranging these various sensing methods, the x, y, and z coordinates of the ioniz...
Published: 9/13/2018   |   Inventor(s): Marco Cortesi, John Yurkon
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Analytical Instruments, Devices, Test and Measurement

A Gating Grid Driver for Time Projection Chamber

Executive SummaryTime Projection Chambers (TPCs) are uniquely useful in analyzing nuclear reactions and resulting particles. These devices rely on fast gating systems to allow or deny entry of particles into the detection area; without which they would not be functional. MSU researchers have developed a novel gating grid driver system for TPCs. Due...

RF Detection of Analytes

Executive SummaryDue to public health concerns since the 1920’s, the U.S. dairy industry is federally required to be monitored and treated for bacterial contamination. Most municipalities mandate pasteurization to reduce the number of viable pathogens likely to cause disease. Pre- and post-pasteurized milk is often tested for contamination vi...

Viscosity-Corrected Shear Speed Estimates and Shear Speed Images

Executive SummaryUltrasound imaging relies on sound waves to develop ultrasound images, which are used in diagnostics for a wide variety of medical conditions affecting organs and soft tissues. Current approaches to estimate shear wave speed for shear wave elastography imaging in viscoelastic soft tissue consistently overestimate the shear speed, d...
Published: 11/8/2017   |   Inventor(s): Robert Mcgough, Yiqun Yang, Matthew Urban
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical, Analytical Instruments, Computer Software, Test and Measurement

Nanomolar Level Specific Detection and Quantification of Phosphatidic Acid with a Protein-based Probe

Executive SummaryPhosphatidic acid is an important lipid for metabolism, membrane curvature, and signal transduction within cells. Although essential for all life, this molecule exists in relatively low concentrations and presents a challenge for both researchers and industry to monitor. Current methods of detection include two-dimensional thin la...
Published: 5/18/2017   |   Inventor(s): Christoph Benning, Zhen Wang
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Biotechnology, Test and Measurement

Wireless Intraocular Pressure Sensor to Monitor Glaucoma Patients

Executive SummaryGlaucoma is a leading cause of blindness that affects up to 3 million people in American. It can remain undetected until permanent vision loss is present. Measuring eye pressure during an office visit is a standard diagnostic tool. However, this measurement can only report on pressure during a brief time sample. Patients with va...
Published: 5/17/2017   |   Inventor(s): Wen Li, Arthur Weber, Mohammad Hossein Mazaherikouhani
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical, Biotechnology, Test and Measurement

Efficient and Resilient Wireless Link for Biomedical Implants

Executive SummaryOriginally developed for neural implants in monkeys, this invention allows for in vivo wireless data and power transmission as minimally invasive as possible. By removing wires penetrating through the skin, the possibility of infection and inflammation are greatly reduced and is all-around more comfortable for the subject. Addition...
Published: 5/2/2017   |   Inventor(s): Andrew Mason, Ehsan Ashoori
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Test and Measurement, Biotechnology, Electrical, Devices

ELISA Lab-On-A-Chip

Executive SummaryThis invention allows an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to be performed on a highly portable, cost-effective microfluidic chip. The chip is manufactured with the necessary reagents and solutions pre-loaded, and requires only a minute blood sample to properly function. Results can be computed in six minutes or less, and o...
Published: 3/16/2017   |   Inventor(s): Peter Lillehoj, Tung-Yi Lin
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Medical, Biotechnology, Computer Hardware, Test and Measurement

Nondestructive Eddy Current Probe for Tube Inspection

Executive SummaryA particular issue of interest to industry is the inspection of tubular goods and systems. A variety of eddy current probes have been developed for inspecting structural components for controlling quality as well as part of maintenance procedures. Current probes have a number of limitations including; inability to detect flaw in a...
Published: 7/7/2016   |   Inventor(s): Satish Udpa, Lalita Udpa, Chaofeng Ye, Yue Huang
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Test and Measurement

A Wearable System for Sensing of Head and Mouth Activities

Executive SummaryMany health issues related to obesity stem from poor eating and swallowing habits. Patients often report incorrect or misleading information about their eating habits to their doctor. A new technology developed by MSU inventors allows for the continuous unbiased monitoring of eating and swallowing health. Description of Technology...
Published: 7/6/2016   |   Inventor(s): Mi Zhang, Biyi Fang, Fahim Kawsar, Nicholas Lane
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Data Processing/Analysis, Devices, Test and Measurement
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