System for Coating Inner Diameter Surface


Executive Summary


Diamond-like coatings offer a coating solution rivaled by few technologies available today. Capable of improving the durability and extending the lifetime of many metallic products, these coatings are typically applied in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) chambers. PVD processing is a line-of-sight process, meaning the distance between the surface of the material and the vapor source must be unobstructed. In high-aspect ratio internal structures, such as tubes and pipes, this is extremely difficult due to the size of the applicator and length of the structure.


Description of Technology


This technology is an apparatus that allows for the PVD coating of metallic internal surfaces of high-aspect ratio parts with a diamond-like carbon coating. Using magnetic fields to guide vapor, thin-film coatings may be evenly deposited on the surface with high precision. Ideal for improving corrosion/erosion resistance, decreasing friction, and creating tightly-fitted piston-cylinder mating surfaces, this manufacturing method may lead to improved performance of combustion engines and extension of lifetime for various pipelines and other mechanical systems.


Key Benefits

  • Increases the wear resistance of metallic products
  • Increase of fuel efficiency and/or horse power
  • Relatively cheap raw materials



  • Engine cylinders
  • Gun barrel
  • Oil pipelines
  • Hydraulic cylinders


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Thomas Schuelke, Michael Becker, Lars Haubold, Qi Hua Fan


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