A Gating Grid Driver for Time Projection Chamber


Executive Summary


Time Projection Chambers (TPCs) are uniquely useful in analyzing nuclear reactions and resulting particles. These devices rely on fast gating systems to allow or deny entry of particles into the detection area; without which they would not be functional. MSU researchers have developed a novel gating grid driver system for TPCs. Due to its novel device design, this driver system can rapidly open and close the gating grid in .35 µs and 3 µs, respectively. This improvement to the gating grid system ultimately minimizes the lost drift length associated with opening duration.


Description of Technology


While detection methods such as solenoid and dipole detectors are satisfactory for many purposes, they are difficult to use when imaging weakly ionized particles such as pions. This technology was designed to minimize magnetic field interactions that may be picked up by the detector and either mask weak ionic particles or be misinterpreted as such. While this technology was designed with these purposes in mind, it is applicable for multiple purposes, such as gating charged particles where time spent opening and closing of the gate is of crucial importance. This video may help describe this technology as well. The most helpful information begins around the 13 minute mark.


Key Benefits

  • Rapid opening and closing of gate
  • Minimal magnetic induction changes



  • Multiwire proportional counters
  • Radioisotope imaging
  • Electron shutter
  • Particle accelerators
  • Electron microscopes


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Inventors: William G. Lynch, Suwat Tangwancharoen, Betty Tsang


Tech ID: TEC2017-0013


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Raymond Devito
Technology Manager
Michigan State University