Sprayer/Top Dresser Machine for Application of Treated Sand to Golf Course Turf


Executive Summary


Currently, as a part of turfgrass installation and maintenance, topdressing sand and active ingredients (fungicide/growth regulators) are applied sequentially, requiring two passes over the turf.  Carrying out these processes separately requires additional time to make two identical passes, leads to spray drift when spraying chemicals, and results in over-compaction of the soil. Our technology enables groundskeepers at places such as golf courses, to precisely apply sand and chemicals with variable control of both components in only one pass.


Description of Technology


This technology combines two costly turfgrass maintenance operations, application of active ingredient(s) and topdressing sand, into one operation by use of novel equipment. By combining these two steps into one, this equipment is able to significantly reduce labor costs.  Topdressing and chemical application rates may be controlled independently, allowing applications to be applied with precision, e.g., at rates appropriate for a putting green and the “frog hair” simultaneously.  This novel design retains application precision and efficacy of treated topdressing sand, and chemical efficacy is maintained while improving the environmental and public safety of these applications.  The technology also virtually eliminates spray drift.


Key Benefits

  • Saves time and labor cost in turf maintenance by combining chemical treatment and topdressing in one step.
  • Elimination of spray drift.
  • Precision application of both topdressing and turf active ingredients
  • Maximizes chemical efficacy and safety to operator, public, and the environment.



  • Turfgrass management for golf courses, athletic fields, and other cultivated turfgrass areas.


Patent Status:


Issued U.S. 8,028,928

Pending U.S. 14/101,723


Licensing Rights Available


Full licensing rights available.


Inventors: Ronald Detweiler, Dr. Joseph Vargas, Gary Zehr


Tech ID: TEC2008-0077, TEC2014-0043


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Thomas Herlache
Assistant Director
Michigan State University