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Lens with Electronically Controlled Optical Properties

Executive SummaryThis MSU-developed device allows for electrical control of the optical properties in a liquid lens and other optic devices. Capable of altering light’s focal point, this technology lends itself into many applications such as displays, microscopes, telescopes, interferometers, and many more. Description of TechnologyBy controlling...
Published: 4/12/2018   |   Inventor(s): Gary Blanchard, Greg Swain, Romana Jarosova, Ke Ma
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Advanced Materials, Chemicals, Devices, Photonics

Sprayer/Top Dresser Machine for Application of Treated Sand to Golf Course Turf

Executive SummaryCurrently, as a part of turfgrass installation and maintenance, topdressing sand and active ingredients (fungicide/growth regulators) are applied sequentially, requiring two passes over the turf. Carrying out these processes separately requires additional time to make two identical passes, leads to spray drift when spraying chemicals,...
Published: 6/16/2016   |   Inventor(s): A. Ronald Detweiler, Joseph Vargas, Nancy Dykema
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Agriculture, Environment, Mechanical

Method of Managing Fungal and Bacterial Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables Using Pseudomonas Aureofaciens

Description of TechnologyMichigan State University’s invention is a method of inhibiting fungi and bacteria present in plant materials by applying biologically pure culture of Pseudonomas aureofaciens in an admixture with metabolites from the growth of P. aureofaciens and growth medium. The method is useful for controlling bacterial and fungal...
Published: 9/21/2011   |   Inventor(s): A. Ronald Detweiler, Joseph Vargas, Nancy Dykema, Muraleedharan Nair
Keywords(s): Fungicide, Microbial Category(s): Agriculture, Biotechnology