Liquid Activated Textile Biosensing Platform


Executive Summary


Continuous monitoring of an individual’s health status assists wellness and early disease detection. The emergent market of low-cost wearables addresses this need.


Description of Technology


The technology is a self-powered biosensor platform for detecting and quantifying disease biomarkers through bodily fluids. The electrochemical sensors are integrated into a wearable fabric that can be wirelessly connected to a smartphone application.


Key Benefits

  • Light weight, and unobtrusive: user mobility and comfort are not compromised
  • Low cost diagnostics: overall reduced health care costs for individuals
  • Continuous health care monitoring: smartphone application allows for individuals to easily monitor their health



  • Early disease detection
  • Health monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring


Patent Status:


Patent pending. Published application US 2019/0137436 A1 


Licensing Rights Available


Full licensing rights available.


Inventors: Peter Lillehoj, and Xiyuan Liu.


Tech ID: TEC2015-0112


Patent Information:

For Information, Contact:

Jon Debling
Technology Manager
Michigan State University