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Process for producing a Cyano ring-substituted Arene borane

Executive Summary In the pharmaceutical industry, organoboron complexes are key building blocks for drug manufacturing, versatile reagents for high-throughput parallel synthesis in drug discovery and exhibit some useful and unique biological activities. However, conventional synthesis routes can be complex and involve undesirable reagents. MSU researchers...
Published: 4/1/2024   |   Inventor(s): Milton Smith, Iii, Robert Maleczka, Ghayoor Chotana
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Chemicals, Pharmaceutical

Efficient Room Temperature, Ambient Pressure Liquid Ammonia Storage System

Executive Summary Liquid ammonia is current stored and transported in very large quantities in refrigerated units, railcars, tanker trucks and pressurized containers. While the majority of existing uses are as a nitrogen fertilizer for agricultural uses, increasing attention has been turned to ammonia as a green, carbon free energy storage medium for...
Published: 5/17/2023   |   Inventor(s): Mi Chenija, Reza Ghazfar, Milton Smith, Iii, Thomas Hamann
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Chemicals, Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Transportation

Degradable Unimolecular Nanoparticles

Executive Summary Biodegradable polymers are useful as drug delivery agents. MSU researchers have developed a poly(glycolide) based polymer that forms unimolecular micelles with diameters less than 50 nm. These nanoparticles contain functional groups which provide anchoring sites for drugs, contrast agents or other biological agents. Description of...
Published: 6/8/2021   |   Inventor(s): Gregory Baker, Erin Vogel, Milton Smith, Iii
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Chemicals, Materials, Pharmaceutical, Nanotechnology

Functionalized Poly(glycolide) Polymers for Biomedical Applications

Executive Summary Polylactic acid (PLA) and polyglycolides are attractive alternatives to petroleum-derived plastics for biomedical applications. They are biodegradable, thermoplastic, and derived from renewable resources. However, there are functional characteristics associated with these polymers that limit their use for some biomedical applications....
Published: 2/17/2023   |   Inventor(s): Gregory Baker, Milton Smith, Iii, Xuwei Jiang, Erin Vogel
Keywords(s): Degradable Polymers, PDLA, PLA, PLLA, Polyglycolides, Polylactic Acid Category(s): Medical, Biotechnology, Chemicals