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Trait Gene for Highly Digestible Forage

IntroductionProduction of fuels and value-added chemicals from plant biomass often requires pretreatment of the biomass. Pretreatment increases the capital equipment needs and costs of the final product. Additionally, the use of seeds as a feedstock has been controversial, with some claiming that use of seeds for chemical production is increasing...

Identification of the Gene for Amatoxin and Phallatoxin

Executive SummaryAmatoxins and phallotoxins, natural products found in poisonous mushrooms, are deadly in high concentrations. However, there is increased research activity to explore possible clinical applications of these toxins and other cyclic peptides. Because cyclic peptides have not been successfully produced in large amounts in the laboratory...
Published: 6/8/2021   |   Inventor(s): Jonathan Walton, Heather Hallen-Adams, John Scott-Craig, Hong Luo
Keywords(s): Actin, Amanitin, Mushroom poisoning, RNA polymerase Category(s): Biotechnology