Cost Efficient Process Generates a Stronger Titanium Alloy



Executive Summary

Conventional Ti alloys are expensive and complex to develop, but remain coveted by the aerospace and nuclear power industries for their elevated heat properties and low density. MSU researchers have developed a new method for creating a durable, low-cost titanium alloy which is a lightweight alternative for nickel and cobalt alloys.


Description of Technology

The technology is a new light weight Ti alloy and thermomechanical process to produce it. The general formula of the alloy is Ti-xCr-yFe-zA1 with x between 10-16, y between 0-5 and z from 0-6 wt. percentages and having an Omega phase. The alloy is subjected to a strain at elevated temperatures which accelerates the transformation of the beta phase to Omega phase. Various mechanical tests were performed on the alloys to produce data such as Vickers hardness, tensile strength, elastic modulus, ultimate tensile strength as well as microstructural characterization including TEM. 


Key Benefits

  • Inexpensive process
  • Lighter weight material improves energy efficiency
  • Stronger ultimate tensile strength (1400 MPa) and good ductility (elongation to failure ~ 10%) at higher temperatures (~400oC)
  • Better corrosion resistance



  • Replacement for other materials in fields where ductility, density, strength, and corrosion resistance are valued
  • Fan blades in jet engines
  • Nuclear reactor core plumbing and structural material
  • Aerospace components (exterior paneling planes and spacecraft)
  • Biomedical/bioengineering prosthetics


Patent Status:

Issued US Patent 10,619,234


Licensing Rights Available

Full licensing rights available


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Inventors: Dr. Carl Boehlert, Vahid Khademi


Tech ID: TEC2015-0132


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Jon Debling
Technology Manager
Michigan State University