100% Recyclable, Fluorine- and Plastic-Free Fat, Grease and Water Resistant Paper Coating


Executive Summary


With a societal push to remove plastics from the food industry, there is a need for alternative packaging solutions. Governments and corporations alike have begun banning various single-use plastic products in favor of protecting the environment. This technology seeks to improve polymer coating materials for paper products. This technology allows for paper cups and plates to be more widely implemented in applications typically only satisfied with plastic products.


Description of Technology


This technology facilitates the repellency of both oils and water from paper products such as plates, straws, and cups. This coating has enhanced mechanical durability compared to other methods of achieving oleo-and-hydrophobicity such as wax coatings. While fluorine products are employed to offer similar properties, there are generally expensive and may cause environmental and human health hazards. Key components of this technology may be obtained from low cost natural sources. This technology is a closed loop where paper pulp is 100% recyclable.


Key Benefits

  • Superior durability
  • Oil and water repellency
  • Fluorine free



  • Coatings for paper plates, cups, etc.
  • Wrappers for greasy food


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Prof. Muhammad Rabnawaz, Zhao Li


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