Ambient Cured Omniphobic Polyurethanes Coatings


Executive Summary


Researchers at Michigan State University have developed a new omniphobic polyurethane coating with the ability to repel many types of liquids (such as ink, water, and oil) and other contaminants. This technology is Fluorine-free and cost effective to manufacture. The coating not only repels liquids, but is mechanically durable once applied to a surface. At several microns thick, this coating is optically clear, making it an ideal choice for windows, mirrors, or screens. Since liquids bead up and roll off the surface this coating has a ‘self-cleaning’ property, such that rain or a light wash liquid will more easily remove contaminants repelled by the surface.


Description of Technology


While there are products that excel at repelling water, few have the ability to repel multiple forms of liquids; particularly inks. Even fewer are Fluorine-free, a precursor element known to make manufacturing coatings costly. Furthermore, this technology may be produced with biobased precursors, ultimately eliminating dependence on petroleum-based polymers. To reduce costs even further, this technology is manufactured using a simple and cost effective one-pot approach. This coating may be applied to glass, coat fibers, metals, wood, fabrics and ceramics with relative ease and in ambient conditions.


Key Benefits

  • Curing occurs at ambient conditions
  • Curing duration decreased
  • Partially-to-fully biobased 
  • Various application methods:


-Roll cast

-Drop cast




Protective coating for:

  • Ships
  • Automobiles
  • Windows
  • Fabrics
  • Touchscreens


Patent Status:


Patent Pending.


Licensing Rights Available


Full rights available.


Inventors: Muhammad Rabnawaz, Nazim Uddin


Tech ID: TEC2018-0139, TEC2018-0090


Patent Information:

For Information, Contact:

Raymond Devito
Technology Manager
Michigan State University
Muhammad Rabnawaz