Surgical Device to Measure the Softness/Hardness of the Pancreas


Executive Summary


A common problem for pancreatic surgeons is the prevention of pancreatic leaks in the post-operation phase of pancreatic surgery. Pancreatic leaks can cause serious health problems for the patients and are sometimes fatal. Researchers at MSU are addressing this problem using the state of the art technology and engineering.


Description of Technology


The invention is an instrument that can objectively measure the softness/hardness of the pancreatic tissue with a numeric value. An objective measurement can give the surgeon an indication of how soft the pancreas is and if any additional measures need to be taken or modifications in surgical technique done to prevent the disastrous complication of postoperative pancreatic leak.


Key Benefits

  • Objective measurement for surgeons allowing for standardization of surgical scenarios.
  • Utilizes a small simple device to solve a complex medical problem.
  • Allows for enhanced evidence-based decision making during surgery.



  • Human Pancreatic Surgery
    • The Whipple Procedure
    • Distal Pancreatectomy
  • Veterinarian Surgery
    • Animal Pancreatic procedures


Patent Status: 


Patent Pending


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Inventors: Dr. Srivinas Kavuturu, Dr. Ranjan Mukherjee


Tech ID: TEC2017-0118


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Brian Copple
Technology Manager
Michigan State University