Cost-Aware Secure Outsourcing of General Computational Problems


Executive Summary


Cloud computing provides end-users on demand access to a shared pool of computing resources, such as computational power and storage. It enables the end-users to utilize those resources in a pay-per-use manner instead of purchasing expensive equipment and maintaining an IT staff. The end-users outsource their computational tasks to the cloud servers where the tasks are processed and then solutions are returned to the end-users. Security has become one of the major concerns that prevent computation outsourcing from being widely adopted. There is a need for more secure and privacy-preserving outsourcing mechanisms that can also provide end-users the ability to validate the received results.


Description of Technology


Michigan State University has developed technology that allows an end-user to secure or mask their data before cloud outsourcing. Cost-Aware Secure Outsourcing uses affine mapping based schemes for the problem transformation and outsourcing so that the cloud is unable to learn any key information from the transformed problem.  Meanwhile, the overhead for the transformation is limited to an acceptable level (cost/secure trade off defined by end-user) compared to the computational savings introduced by the outsourcing itself.


Key Benefits

  • Secure computational outsourcing
  • Results verification
  • Variable computational cost and security



  • Securing cloud computing analysis of
    • Financial data
    • Medical or patient data
    • Engineering equations and data
    • Other sensitive information


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Patent pending


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Full licensing rights available


Inventors: Jian Ren, Kai Zhou


Tech ID: TEC2015-0092


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Raymond Devito
Technology Manager
Michigan State University
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Kai Zhou