The Kings of Flint




This documentary film follows Karate Masters Jacky and Dora King (who are also Master Gardeners,) as they teach students to grow their own food in urban gardens around Flint, Michigan. They see farming as a means of self-defense. When you grow your own food, the Kings say, you know what’s going into your body. The Kings also see farming as a way to revitalize Flint. At their Harvesting Earth Educational Farm, and each weekend at the local Farmer’s Market, they sell the fruits, vegetables and eggs they harvest.


The Kings grow food; they also grow hope. 


Follow the Kings of Flint (Facebook) as they try to make Flint a better place... even just in their little corner of it. 


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  • "The Kings of Flint" was nominated for an Emmy Award and the film won "Best Documentary" at the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.
  • It also received a “Best Mini-Doc or Series” award at a Public TV station from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and received an Award of Excellence from the Broadcast Education Association.
  • Additionally, it was selected to air nationally on the series "Local, USA" produced by PBS World and WTTW.




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