System and Methods for Profile-Aware Content Delivery Using Context-Induced Wireless Network Transport Mechanisms


Description of Technology


This invention combines elements of mobile advertising, behavioral advertising, and viral advertising. This invention is a complete system for providing relevant content to mobile devices, automatically sharing the content with interested peers, browsing the content, and using it at businesses.


Consumers will carry a wireless device that acquires and maintains their context and profile information. This device will not have a graphical user interface (GUI), but can be read and managed either by plugging it into a USB port on a PC or by the wireless connection to a commercial kiosk or other business-provided station. Content is delivered to a user’s device based on the user’s interests, context, and interaction profile. This profile is automatically generated by the device as it observes the user’s behavior, including such things as products purchased, events attended, and the people interacted with. The content is provided by a producer who may inject it into a device when the user is in a store. The content is then distributed from device to device using a wireless protocol and based on matching interest profiles. The system includes means for redeeming coupons at businesses and for managing the service.


The complete system includes the mobile device and the software on it, personal computer software for the user to browse content on the device, hardware and software for businesses to inject and redeem content on the device, and software for the service provider’s management center.


Key Benefits

  • Infers consumer interest by observing behavioral context from his or her daily activities; no explicit entry and maintenance of user profiles is required
  • Content is initially injected to consumer devices with matching interest profiles; content is only provided to those with a matching interest
  • Consumer devices spread the content to peer devices with matching interest profiles; content can be provided to interested consumers from other consumers




System for providing context-aware content such as coupons and advertisements to personal, mobile devices based on deduced user profile information.


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Patented US 8,554,615




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