Linearization and Efficiency Enhancement Techniques for Digital Wireless Transmitters


Executive Summary


Wireless digital transmitters offer numerous benefits versus conventional analog systems, including reduced footprint and power consumption. A recent innovation developed at MSU can help further these advantages, while also enhancing performance linearity.


Description of Technology


Our novel design improves system performance for Class-G switched capacitor power amplifiers. Innovations include redesign of the conventional power supply switching structure, along with elimination of redundancy within the IQ functional block. Performance enhancements have been demonstrated in 65 nm CMOS versus comparative state of the art designs.


Key Benefits

  • Improved performance linearity through phase mismatch correction
  • Reduced power consumption and footprint due to merged IQ-cell architecture



  • Wireless transmitters for smart mobile devices


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Dr. Sangmin Yoo, Mr. Si-Wood Yoo


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