Software for Real-Time Control of a Single or Multi-Axis Vibration Table


Executive Summary


This software developed by MSU researchers allows for a superior vibration table simulation of packages that are shipped via truck trailers. Using conventional data capturing devices and vibration tables, this technology has the ability to drastically reduce time capturing road and trailer data. In particular, road events where package damage is more likely to occur are better replicated, such as traveling over railroad tracks or potholes.


Description of Technology


Compatible with both single and multi-axis vibration tables, this software is capable of collecting the data from road profiles creating a simulated ‘map’ of sharp turns, potholes, hills, and other events that may cause damage to a package as it is shipped in a trailer. While traditional software requires that a road is mapped in tandem with the trailer in question to create an accurate representation, this technology allows the trailer and road data to be captured independently of each other. This allows for a library of both road profiles and trailer information that provides an extraordinary amount of simulation possibilities.


Key Benefits

  • Compatible with current tech
  • Displacement capturing/recording devices
  • Vibration tables
  • Trailer characteristics captured with one ‘bump test’



  • Package transportation simulation


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Inventors: Gary Burgess, Patrick McDavid


Tech ID: TEC2017-0112


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Raymond Devito
Technology Manager
Michigan State University
Gary Burgess