Real-Time Speech Enhancement in Noisy Environments


Executive Summary


This technology, developed by MSU researchers, allows for a superior hearing aid device when compared to devices that filter audio signals by frequency only. A hearing-impaired individual using this technology will be able to tailor their device to key in on persons they wish to be able to hear with high accuracy and with insignificant delay.


Description of Technology


By training this technology to recognize variances in audio signals produced by background noise and human speech, this software is able to enhance the speech of an individual while reducing unimportant noises. Furthermore, variances between audio signals of individual persons may be recognized by the device, allowing the user to prioritize family, friends, and coworkers over other individuals. The hardware of this device comprises of an earpiece to collect and broadcast audio signals, while an auxiliary component performs the computations in real-time.


Key Benefits

  • Amplification of human speech
  • Reduction of background noise
  • Selective amplification of speech



  • Hearing aids
  • Telecommunications
  • Intelligent microphones


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Patent Pending


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Inventors: Mi Zhang, Kia Cao, Xiao Zeng


Tech ID: TEC2018-0020


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Raymond Devito
Technology Manager
Michigan State University