Regenerating Code uses Rate-matching to Improve Retrieval from Hostile Networks


Executive Summary


A combination of two new regenerating algorithms increases the ability to recover information in a hostile network. This layered approach yields a more efficient and reliable way of detecting and correcting malicious nodes.


Description of Technology


In a hostile network, conventional regeneration codes struggle to restore corrupt nodes and reconstruct original files. MSU researchers have developed two new code regenerating algorithms to improve the recovery rate of critical data in a malicious network.  When combined, the 2-layer and m-layer rate-matching regenerating codes significantly increase storage capacity and error correction rates in an adversarial environment.


Key Benefits

  • 50% improvement of error correction
  • 70% increase in storage efficiency
  • Flexible trade-off between network bandwidth and storage capacity
  • Improved Cyber-Security by detecting data corruption from malicious nodes
  • Information Security Absent of Key-Based Encryption



  • Cloud Storage Services
  • Cyber-Security Services for Distributed Systems


Patent Status:


Patent Pending


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Inventors: Dr. Jian Ren, Jian Li, Dr. Tongtong Li


Tech ID: TEC2016-0157


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Raymond Devito
Technology Manager
Michigan State University