Device for removal of metal particles during surgical burring


Executive Summary


Surgical implants, such as screws, often must be removed from a patient via the process known as surgical burring. Surgical burring releases small metal particles into the patient’s body, potentially causing joint pain.  Surgical burring also generates heat, which can cause soft tissues damage. Currently, copious saline solution is used during burring to rinse the area, but this can further exacerbate swelling and potential infection.  Prior to the development of this technology, a better approach to the problem did not yet exist.


Description of Technology


MSU surgery researchers have developed a novel technology, the ingress-egress device which continually supplies and removes sterile saline solution to the surgical field during surgical burr procedures. This device addresses several of the key problems that currently arise during/after surgical burring procedures: 1) the device allows removal of metal particles, 2) the surgical field is cooled, preventing soft tissue damage, and 3) the surgical area has improved sanitation, decreasing the probability of infection. The ingress-egress device incorporates easily into current surgical practices and can be used in both human and veterinary applications.




Key Benefits

  • Improved sanitation to the surgical field - Better removal of metal particles.
  • Fast and easy to use - Works with pre-existing equipment; ease of implementation in burring surgeries.
  • Improved post-surgery recovery - Data is available which shows animals recover better, with less chance for infection, less post-surgical pain, and less soft tissue damage.



  • Surgical Burring (dogs, cats, potentially humans) - Potentially useful in the removal of many types of surgical implants.


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Patent pending


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Inventors: Loic Dejardin, Kyle Snowdon


Tech ID: TEC2016-0107



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Anne Di Sante
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