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Microbial Rectifiers and Uses Thereof

IntroductionWhen grown in vitro under various conditions, Geobacteraceae bacteria produce conductive protein filaments known as microbial or pilus nanowires. These microbial nanowires show promise for applications in nanoelectronics and bio-electronics. Current methods for producing microbial nanowires are limited by an inability to produce microbial...
Published: 2/17/2023   |   Inventor(s): Gemma Reguera, Stuart Tessmer, Joshua Veazey, Sanela Lampa-Pastirk
Keywords(s): Filament, Microbial, Nanowire, Proteins Category(s): Biotechnology, Materials

Computational Screeing and Docking Tool (SLIDE)

IntroductionSLIDE (Screening for Ligands by Induced Fit Docking Efficiently) represents a general approach to organic and peptidyl database screening. It can handle large binding-site templates and uses multi-stage indexing to identify feasible subsets of template points for ligand docking. An optimization approach based on mean-field theory is applied...