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Foamed Polyolefins

​ Executive Summary Foamed polyolefins are commonly used in a variety of applications including packaging, transportation, building and construction where lightweight material is required. For some applications, crosslinking is used to improve mechanical properties, however, this adds cost, can impact bubble formation and can make the material...

Novel Electroactive Polymer-based Flow Sensors for Automotive Systems

Description of TechnologyMichigan State University’s sensing technology enables potential commercial applications in a broad range of industrial applications where information is needed on a combination of fluid/gas flow rates (e.g., in a line), along with the real-time density/viscosity variation of those fluids or gases. The invention uses electroactive...
Published: 8/20/2022   |   Inventor(s): Guoming Zhu, Xiaobo Tan, David Hung
Keywords(s): 3D Cursor, Automotive, Engine Control Module, Ethanol, Mass Air Flow Sensor, Polymers Category(s): Mechanical, Electrical, Devices