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Process for Chemical Recycling of Multilayer & Metallized Plastic Packaging Films

Executive Summary In order to combat the growth of global plastic waste, pyrolysis processes have been developed to turn this waste material into gases, oils and waxes. However, these processes usually require high operating temperatures, expensive catalysts and restrictions on the type of plastics they can handle. Researchers at Michigan State University...
Published: 10/11/2023   |   Inventor(s): Muhammad Rabnawaz, Mohamed Mohamed
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Chemicals, Recycling

Methods for Estimating Remaining Life of a Monitored Structure

Executive SummaryUnderstanding how structures are deteriorating over time is critical to preserving safety and functionality while establishing a cost effective maintenance program. Recently, self-powered sensors have been developed for sensing fatigue in mechanical structures. It is desirable to develop robust data interpretation techniques that are...
Published: 1/11/2024   |   Inventor(s): Nizar Lajnef, Mohamed Rhimi
Keywords(s):   Category(s): Data Processing/Analysis, Materials, Test and Measurement