Modular quantum interconnect for microwave and telecommunications wavelengths



This technology is a quantum interconnect (QuIC) technology that consists of scalable modular devices which act as a common communications bus for other quantum systems to form larger quantum networks of varying size.



Research in the field of quantum information processing and communication technologies has had a rapid and sustained growth over the past decades. The large diversity of emerging quantum technologies reveals the need for modularity to scale up to truly useful numbers of logical qubits for local quantum computation, widespread distributed quantum networking. A quantum interconnect that is a scalable technology which can connect modular quantum systems to form larger networks, is a crucial component of a successful future quantum system.


Description of Technology

This technology combines a communication interface at telecommunications wavelengths with a broadband quantum buffer, offering a low-loss link and storage/synchronization of quantum information at telecom wavelengths. The system can further serve as a quantum repeater for heralded generation, storage, and distribution of photonic entanglement. A single-mode quantum buffer enables coherent filtering and buffering as well as temporal mode manipulation for high dimensional encoding of quantum information. By coupling the photonic buffer to an electron spin degree of freedom, the system can offer memory-assisted distribution of entanglement and quantum state transfer. This enables interfacing of microwave-controlled quantum technologies such as a variety of spin qubits or superconducting qubits.




  • This system enables all desired QuIC functionalities in a single architecture.
  • Compatible with a variety of different quantum systems operating in the telecom C-band and microwave regime.
  • The quantum buffer is inherently noise free.



  • A low-loss link and storage/synchronization of quantum information at telecom wavelengths
  • A quantum repeater for generation, storage, and distribution of quantum entanglement
  • Interfacing of microwave-controlled quantum technologies


Patent Status

  • Patent pending

Licensing rights

  • Full licensing rights available


  • Dr. Jonas Becker, Dr. Shannon Nicley and

Dr, Johannes Pollanen

Tech id

  • tec2022-0110


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