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This documentary, created by a team of Michigan State University Journalism and other College of Communication Arts and Sciences students and led by Academic Specialist Troy Hale and Associate Professor Geri Zeldes Alumit, follows several Chinese international students who are grappling with finding a place in American universities and within the larger U.S. context. The film demonstrates how relationships are nurtured and shaped across cultural boundaries. “Imported from China” is also a snapshot of the largest demographic shift in the university's history.

In 2006, only 96 undergraduate students at MSU were from China. In Fall 2013, numbers soared to more than 4,000, or 13 percent of the undergrad population. This means one out of eight undergrads are from China.

Colleges and universities throughout the country are seeing an influx of students from China. Of the top 20 universities with the largest number of Chinese international students, eight are from the Big Ten.


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Via WKAR: 'Imported from China' highlights rapid growth of Chinese international students


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