Late Blight Resistant Potato Variety "Jacqueline Lee" (experimental no. MSG274-3)


Description of Technology


The Jacqueline Lee potato variety has a bright golden skin, yellow flesh, attractive oval shape, and excellent cooking qualities that make it suitable for tablestock use. In addition, it has been determined to have a high level of foliar resistance to the US-8 genotype of Phytophthora infestans de Bary under Michigan field and greenhouse conditions. It is a full-season variety with vine maturity similar to Snowden.


Key Benefits

  • High yield potential
  • High set (14-16 tubers/hill) of medium-sized tubers that lead to 65-80 percent marketable yield
  • Tubers are low in internal and external defects
  • Scab reaction similar to Atlantic
  • Tubers have been observed to have long dormancy


Patent Status


Plant Variety Patent 200200170




David Douches, Kazimierz Jastrzebski


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Thomas Herlache
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