High Impact-High Stiffness Bacterial Bioplastic


Description of Technology


This technology is a new approach for producing biodegradable plastic that overcomes some prior limitation inherent in the use of Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB). PHB is a desirable material because of its high crytallinity and water resistance. Crytallinity is when chains pack closely together in a regular way, allowing stronger intermolecular forces. The polymer is less flexible and stronger as a result. The current technology addresses the inflexibility (brittleness) and thermal instability of PHB through the incorporation of high modulus fillers (clay).


Key Benefits

  • Improved flexibility: Toughness and impact strength of PHB are improved, without compromising its inherent stiffness and strength.
  • Low cost: The toughened polymer composition is relatively inexpensive and easy to manufacture.




The primary target market for the technology is the replacement of toughened polyolefins automobile parts and similar structural applications.


Patent Status


Covered by U.S. patent 7,420,011




Amar Mohanty, Yashodhan Parulekar


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