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Many synthetic fungicides have been used to prevent decay of perishable plant products albeit some may pose health risks. Thus, fungicides will likely face greater use restrictions in the future. The market needs more safe and effective ways to enhance produce freshness.


Description of Technology


A packaging system is provided for the controlled release of various antifungal compounds by incorporating the compounds a packaging insert. For example, the antifungal compounds can be incorporated into a container or sachet (e.g., porous or discontinuous) that is in turn incorporated into a portion of the packaging insert. The package insert can include various surfaces that include a plurality of holes formed therein. The antifungal compounds protect the produce from decay upon release. The rate of gas permeation can be controlled by the amount and size of the pores as well as the permeability of the polymer towards the specific gas employed.


Key Benefits

  • Increased fruit freshness: Some antifungal agent is required to decrease the rate of decay of fruit & vegetables during shipment or storage.
  • Fruit freshness for longer period: Controlled release of antifungal agents provides the opportunity to delay produce decay for longer periods of time which is advantageous, for example, in long shipping routes.



Invention would be of benefit to groups harvesting, shipping, storing, and consuming fruit & vegetables.


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Patent pending




Maria Rubino, Muhammad Siddiq, Rafael Auras, Bassam Annous, Siriyupa Netramai


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