Synthesis and Applications of Polymaleimide

Executive Summary

This invention is a process for producing an alkali metal polymaleimide salt by bulk, solution or aqueous processes. The polymers are useful as biodegradable chelating agents, detergent builders and anti-scaling materials.


Description of Technology

The technology of this invention relates to methods for producing alkali metal polymaleimide salts and applications therein. Maleimide monomer may be directly polymerized anhydrously in the presence of a metal oxide and alcohol initiator in a bulk or in the presence of solvent. Alternatively, the monomer may be anionically polymerized in the presence of a base such as KOH. The resulting polymers in both cases are then hydrolyzing with a metal base to form the alkali metal polymaleimide salt. The technology includes a detergent composition using the polymers produced by this invention. 


Key Benefits

  • Simple, low cost method to manufacture
  • Biodegradable alternative to synthetic polymers
  • Low molecular weight polymers



  • Detergent builders
  • Aircraft de-icing
  • Chelating agents
  • Anti-scaling agents


Patent Status:

Granted US patent US 6,878,797


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Dr. Kris Berglund, Parminder Agarwal, Qiuyue Yu, Adam Harant


Tech ID: TEC2000-0064

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