Flexible ECoG Electrode Array


Executive Summary


Scaling ECoG arrays to whole-brain arrays or higher channel count with an intracranial chip is an area of active research, crucial to brain-machine interfaces that may define future technological advances. One barrier to scaling ECoG recording systems to high channel count (more precise and localized data) is the need for DC offset voltage reduction. A common method of eliminating DC offset is through coupling capacitors which allow only the AC signal through. However, coupling capacitors require large surface area (more than double the surface area of the electrode itself) which greatly limits the size of the ECoG recording system.


Description of Technology


This design of a novel ECoG array has capacitors embedded directly into the electrode. This method allows full DC offset with a very small footprint. These electrodes can be used to make a very flexible electrode array that can wrap around the brain surface while minimizing chip size and external wires, useful for brain-machine interface technology.


Key Benefits

  • Smaller footprint – The smaller chip enables the chip to be placed inside the skull for permanent or long-term applications.
  • Flexible – The smaller chip allows it to be integrated into the electrode array while still maintaining maximal brain contact.



  • Electrocorticography for research, diagnosis, and surgery
  • Bio-MEMS
  • Measuring muscle/etc. movement, individual neurons for prosthetics or in cases of paralysis/loss of sensation


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Ehsan Ashoori, Andrew J Mason, Heyu Yin


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