Flexible Hybrid Diamond Biosensor


Executive Summary


A unique fabrication method creates a new flexible and implantable thin film sensor for the biochemical, medical and neural engineering fields. This diamond-polymer hybrid demonstrates improved biocompatibility, durability and chemical sensing capabilities. 


Description of Technology


The rigidness and attachment incompatibilities of boron-doped polycrystalline diamond (BDD) limits its use as an implantable biosensor on soft tissue. A hybrid polycrystalline diamond/polymer thin film developed by MSU resolves these fabrication issues while improving dopamine detection capabilities in the presence of chemical interference. This new technology circumvents BDD’s rigidity by growing a thin flexible diamond film. It also creates a more secure bond by partially wrapping the polymer around the diamond.


Key Benefits

  • Diamond sensor with flexibility
  • Strong and secure diamond attachments
  • One sensor to detects many chemicals
  • Biocompatible Young’s modulus
  • Improved signal to noise ratio



  • Brain implant
  • Explosive chemical detection
  • Sweat chemical detection
  • Optogenetics


Patent Status:

Patent Pending


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Dr. Li Wen, Fan Bin


Tech ID: 2016-0024, 2017-0104


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Raymond Devito
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