Additives for Processing Films From Polypropylene


Executive Summary


New additives have been formulated into polymer masterbatches to create enhanced thin films of polypropylene. These films can be produced at thickness of 0.4 mm to 0.6 mm and possess acceptable mechanical properties for use as well as resistance to sticking at high temperatures and enhanced barriers to vapors.


Description of Technology


Currently, thin film polyethylene is used in paint ovens which can only withstand up to 100°C, limited the temperature of operation. This new additives allow for thin film polypropylene to be manufactured which can exceed 100°C. The enhanced processability of these thin film polymers arise from the unique property of the additives to increase the interlayer spacing between monolayers.


Key Benefits

  • High molecular weight polymer compatibilizer in the masterbatch will preserve end-use properties.
  • Will preserve or enhance the processability in film blowing operations.
  • Environmentally friendly, i.e. recyclability of the product is maintained.



  • High temperature resistant thin-film plastic sheeting in paint booths.


Patent Status: 


Granted patent US 10,253,146


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Full licensing rights available.


Inventors: Dr. Jayaraman Krishnamurthy, Ren Weijie, Rane Rahul,


Tech ID: TEC2015-0069


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Jon Debling
Technology Manager
Michigan State University