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Condensed Phase Catalytic Hydrogenation of Lactic Acid to Propylene Glycol

IntroductionPropylene glycol is a nontoxic chemical used in polymers production, as a nontoxic antifreeze, and in food, drink, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications. Propylene glycol is currently made commercially by high pressure and high temperature hydrolysis of propylene oxide. Description of TechnologyMichigan State University’s invention...
Published: 9/21/2011   |   Inventor(s): Dennis Miller, Zhigang Zhang, James Jackson
Keywords(s): Biomass, Catalysis, Catalyst, Lactic Acid, Propylene Glycol Category(s): Chemicals, Materials

Renewable, Low-Cost Polyols and Polyesters from Natural Oils

IntroductionAs petroleum usage continues to increase and reserves of petroleum continue to be depleted, polymer manufacturers seek alternative methods for making useful materials currently derived from petroleum raw materials. Because of a personal desire to help understand and exploit 'green' technologies, the inventor of this technology has been studying...

Ultrastable Porous Aluminosilicate Structures and Derived Compositions for Industrial Catalysis

IntroductionThe ability to create industrial strength catalytic materials with desired pore sizes can improve efficiency in existing industrial processes that modify vast volumes of fluid. Tunable pore sizes of interest 'in catalysis' include micropores (pore diameters up to 2 nm) and mesopores (2 to 50 nm).Description of TechnologyThis technology is...
Published: 9/24/2010   |   Inventor(s): Thomas Pinnavaia, Yu Liu, Wenzhong Zhang
Keywords(s): Catalyst, Kaolin, Mesoporous, Metakaolin, Micropores, Zeolite Category(s): Chemicals, Materials, Nanotechnology

Improved Alumina Catalyst

IntroductionAlumina has been used as a catalyst in a wide variety of industrial processes for many years. Even modest improvements in alumina catalysts can have a significant impact on efficiencies of production of a very wide variety of chemical compounds. There is a continuing commercial need for new tailored alumina catalysts that can more efficiently...