Introductory Business Chinese


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Introductory Business Chinese is intended mainly for use by those who have little or no knowledge of the Chinese language but who, for any number of different reasons, wish to learn more about business and economics in the Chinese environment. The primary intended audiences are (1) business professionals who deal with Chinese people and Chinese companies and (2) those studying Chinese, and/or business, engineering, or other professions who wish to gain knowledge about "doing business in China."


Key Benefits

Through diligent work with this program learners should be able to acquire:

  • Basic "survival skills" in the Chinese language.
  • Basic information important to understanding the world of Chinese business and economics.
  • Basic information relevant to improving intercultural communication skills in the Chinese business environment.

The program provides an array of fun and interesting interactive activities to support the acquisition of these skills and this body of information. The activities have been designed based on the most recent scholarship in computer assisted learning.


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