Miniature Microwave Plasma Torch

Description of Technology


Michigan State University’s invention uses microwave-based plasma torch technology to provide a miniature version of the plasma torch. The miniature plasma torch operates at or near atmospheric pressure to process materials or render spectroscopy applications. The torch can provide a spot sized from a quarter millimeter to several millimeters. The device can also be integrated into a hybrid plasma torch/laser apparatus for materials processing.


Key Benefits

  • Operates near or at atmospheric pressure for use in materials processing
  • Provides a wide range of flow rates so that discharge properties vary from diffusional flow of radicals for gentle surface processing to high velocity, approaching supersonic, torch discharges for cutting and welding applications
  • Very small materials processing spot size




The microwave plasma torch apparatus is used for a variety of applications where rapid heating of a small amount of materials is needed.


Patent Status


U.S. patent 7,442,271




Jes Asmussen, Timothy Grotjohn, Shengxi (Stanley) Zuo, Kadek Hemawan


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Raymond Devito
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