A Dynamically Controllable, High Volume, Flow Rate Positive Displacement Pump (DCHV Pump)




Positive displacement pumps for liquids and gases typically include one or more pistons, cylinder assemblies, and associated inlet and outlet valves which control the flow of fluid pumped into and out of the cylinders. Such pumps are typically capable of relatively high pressure rise operation. A drawback of such positive displacement pumps is that both the inflow and outflow are distinctly pulsatile in character which yields relatively small flow rates. The ability to adjust pressure and flow rates with such pumps would dramatically improve the output pressure.


Description of Technology


The invention applies to a positive displacement pump for gases. The pump includes pistons, crankshaft, camshaft, and gears and valve configuration. There is an array of rotary valves per piston cylinder. Rotary valves along the piston cylinder sidewalls function as input valves, and one functions as an outlet valve above the piston. The valves operate synchronously with piston movement to distribute, or reduce, temporal fluctuations to yield a higher flow rate for applications such as pumps in HVAC systems.


Key Benefits

  • More efficient: Attain a much higher volume of output in high pressure, positive displacement pumps with a similar power consumption.




The positive displacement pump finds particular application in heating, cooling and ventilating (HVAC) applications in the markets of reciprocating and rotary vacuum pumps. The pump may be applicable to a range of fluids and gases.


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US 6,264,442




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