Method for the Inhibition of Fungal Growth in Fruits and Vegetables




Many synthetic fungicides have been used to prevent decay of perishable plant products albeit some may pose health risks. Thus, fungicides will likely face greater use restrictions in the future. Using natural products with fungicidal properties may be an attractive alternative to prolonging product freshness and promoting enhanced flavor and quality.


Description of Technology


Invention is to use hexanal in a controlled atmosphere to treat harvested fruit or vegetables. Hexanal as a natural volatile acts as a residue-free antifungal agent that enhances aroma biosynthesis in fruits & vegetables.


Key Benefits

  • Increased safety: Use of a natural volatile like Hexanal eliminates the need for potentially harmful synthetic fungicides.
  • Increased fruit freshness: Some antifungal agent is required to decrease the rate of decay of fruit & vegetables during shipment or storage.
  • Enhanced aroma: Exposure to hexanal promotes aroma creation which results in a pleasing smell and taste.




Invention would be of benefit to groups harvesting, shipping, storing, and consuming fruit & vegetables.


Patent Status


US 6,045,844 (issued 04/04/00)




LiHua Fan, Weimin Deng, Rujida Leepipattanawit, Randolph Beaudry, Jun Song


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