Process for Recycling Mixed Polyurethanes

­Executive Summary

Polyurethane ridged and flexible foams are used in a wide variety of applications in the automotive, industrial and consumer sectors. Since these polymers are crosslinked networks, recycling them for further use remains a challenge. MSU researchers have developed a novel, non solvent based process for processing mixed polyurethanes. This allows efficient recycling of the materials and a more closed loop system.


Description of Technology

This invention utilizes melt processing of mixed aliphatic and aromatic polyurethanes in the presence of selective additives and a catalyst. No solvents are required and standard plastics equipment such as extruders can be used. By this process, the mixed recycled polyurethanes are transformed into partially crosslinked, melt processible building blocks. These building blocks, in turn, can be further reacted with additional isocyanates to develop new repurposed materials.



  • Solventless process
  • Can handle mixed aromatic and aliphatic polyurethanes
  • Transforms wasted polyurethane into new building blocks for further use



  •  Recycling / upscaling of mixed polyurethanes


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Patent pending


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"Green Chemistry Article"



Dr. Muhammad Rabnawaz, Dr. Ajmir Khan




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