Method for the preparation of metal oxides in nanometric particle form


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Metal oxides have numerous uses in various fields including chemistry, electronics and material science. However, more efficient processes for preparing these at the nano scale are needed. MSU researchers have developed a novel approach to prepare nanosized metal oxides with uniform shape using templating.


Description of Technology


Metal oxides are crystalline solids containing a metal cation and oxide anion. Encompassing a wide range of chemistries, metal oxides find uses in a variety of important commercial applications. Very small nanosized metal oxide particles are particularly useful, yet they are difficult to manufacture efficiently and uniformly using standard processes. Technology developed by MSU researchers has let to new process for making solid nanosized (< 100 nm) metal oxide particles using colloid imprinted templates. The process allows the efficient production of very fine nanoparticles with shapes including spheres, plates, cubes and rods.


The process is well suited to synthesizing a variety of nanosized zeolites and molecular sieves with high uniformity. These microporous particles are particularly useful in industrial catalysis and separations, due to the high surface to volume ratios and shorter molecular diffusion paths. Both porous and dense structures can be made by the process.


Key Benefits


  • Efficient process for making uniform metal oxide nanoparticles
  • Can make dense or porous nanoparticles
  • Avoids the use of large amounts of water or solvents




  • Catalyst structures useful for chemical process and petroleum refining
  • Additives for coatings, transparent films, materials
  • Chemical sensors
  • Optical wave guides


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US Issued Patent 7,485,282


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Thomas Pinnavaia, Seong-Su Kim


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