High-density Plasma for Material Processing


Executive Summary


RF plasma discharges are widely used for materials processing in semiconductor industry and coatings applications. The efficiency of interactions between plasma and materials depends on the plasma density. Conventional RF discharges tend to lose high-energy electrons to the electrodes leading to lower plasma densities and unfavorable interactions between the ions and work surface. A novel magnetically-enhanced plasma source has been demonstrated with six fold higher plasma density than conventional sources.


Description of Technology


An RF discharge method has been developed that uses electrically symmetrical electrodes to further increase the plasma density. The key features of such plasma sources include: 1) RF power is configured to create a symmetrical electric field between the electrodes; and 2) a magnetic field is applied to restrict electron drift. As a result, high-energy electrons and charged ions are effectively confined between the electrodes and high plasma density can be obtained. This new plasma source can be readily integrated into the existing commercial plasma systems to enhance process efficiency.


Key Benefits

  • High plasma density
  • Faster manufacturing processes



  • Semiconductor processing
  • Large-area glass coatings
  • Displays
  • Solar panel manufacturing
  • Vacuum systems


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Qi-Hua Fan, Thomas Schuelke, Michael Becker, Bocong Zheng


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