Slurry Formulation for the Formation of Layers for Solid State Batteries


Executive Summary


Electric vehicles increase the interest in breakthrough energy-storage technology. One approach is to develop solid-state battery (SSB). A primary challenge in SBBs is the development of new manufacturing techniques for ceramic layers, and the assembly of these layers into new cell architectures. This invention presents a novel slurry formulation for the fabrication of thin ceramic layers for SSB applications.


Description of Technology


Slurry formulations are known and utilized in ceramics industries such as low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC).  However, additional constrains must be considered with electrochemical applications such as SSBs. This invention proposes a novel method of inclusion of the sintering aide: the sintering aide is added as a liquid and is formed in-situ.


Key Benefits

  • Novel slurry formulation in the formation of layers



  • Superior solid-state battery (SSB) technology


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Travis Thompson, Isabel David, Jeff Sakamoto


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