Virus-Like Particle for Vaccine Development


Executive Summary


With the increasing attention on safety, vaccine development is more focused on targeting subunit epitopes. Thus, a suitable carrier that is capable of powerfully activate the immune system and elicit desired immune responses is critical. MSU researchers have developed new virus like particle (VLP) based platform technology, which can induce superior immune responses against the targeted epitopes compared to currently available protein carriers in the market. 


Description of Technology


This MSU technology is an enhanced VLP created to be a more powerful platform for vaccine development. When tested with an otherwise low immunogenic antigen, the modified VLP carrier induced a strong immune response while also significantly reducing anti-carrier antibodies. This technology is completely free of live virus and can be carried out by recombinant protein expression in E. coli, yeast, and cell-free protein synthesis, which provide flexibility in research and capacity in large-scale production.


Key Benefits

  • VLP capsid engineered to be more stable over current wild type platform.
  • Altered to reduce anti-carrier immune response.
  • Modified VLP platform customizable for differing types of antigens for vaccine constructs



  • Vaccine for cancer immunotherapy
  • Modified VLP is highly adaptable for use in many diseases/disorders (e.g. HIV, H1N1, allergic asthma, etc.)


Patent Status:


Under Review


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Full licensing rights available


Inventors: Xuefei Huang, Suttipun Sungsuwan


Tech ID: TEC2017-0099


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For Information, Contact:

Anupam Jhingran
Technology Manager
Michigan State University