Homerun Derby and Additional VR Games


Executive Summary


This technology is a high-tech development of America’s favorite pastime – Baseball. Using Virtual Reality, this immersive game allows players to experience many ballparks and try their best to knock it out of the park. This game may be run on traditional VR headset/controller combos, or alternatively utilize an arcade-style setup for state-of-the-art graphics and accuracy.


Description of Technology


Using commercially available hardware, this MSU-developed virtual reality game offers a superior facsimile of a homerun derby. Holiday-themed skins create a unique experience, allowing for a game that continually appears fresh. The hardware may also be mounted to a bat, allowing for athletic training capabilities. Additional games include badminton and tennis.


Key Benefits

  • Superior 3D representation
  • Multiple sports, themes available
  • Platform technology hardware



  • Personal VR Gaming (Vive, Rift)
  • Arcade-style VR Gaming (Dave & Busters, Chuck E. Cheese)


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Licensing Rights Available:


Full licensing rights available.


Inventors: Taiwoo Park


Tech ID: TEC2018-0079


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For Information, Contact:

Brian Copple
Technology Manager
Michigan State University