Radio-based Sensing for Untethered Activity and Vital Sign Monitoring


Executive Summary


A novel radio-based modality improves the quality of information from wearable monitors while maintaining user privacy. This new technology captures accurate full body motion and respiration with a contact free approach. 


Description of Technology


Current wearable monitors have three main drawbacks: IMUs can not provide full body monitoring with a singular device; microphones and image sensors lack privacy; physiological sensors are intrusive and require tight skin contact. MSU researchers have discovered a method for generating accurate information while preserving confidentiality and comfort.  Comprehensive high quality data is gathered with directed radio waves through two devices similar to a smart watch and a smart phone. 


Key Benefits

  • Algorithm can efficiently run on wearable platforms in real-time
  • Maintains privacy and requires no skin contact
  • Increased accuracy; decreased interference from ambient environmental RF
  • Doesn’t require a wireless infrastructure; allows for greater freedom and range of use



  • Vital sign monitoring
  • Activity monitoring


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Dr. Mi Zhang, Mr. BiYi Fang


Tech ID: 2017-0002


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Raymond Devito
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Michigan State University