Improved Corrosion Resistance in Aluminum Joints


Executive Summary


While aluminum and aluminum products are generally not subjects of corrosion due to environmental conditions, they are still subject to the effects of galvanic corrosion. By altering the nobility of aluminum, the effects of galvanic corrosion can be minimized and the durability of aluminum products may be enhanced.


Description of Technology


With stabilizing aluminum prices and an increased demand for specialized aluminum grades, this technology has the ability to eclipse many current products. Improved processing techniques allow for altering the electrochemical properties of aluminum, ultimately yielding in a product with increased nobility. This increase in nobility makes the aluminum product less likely to corrode when compared to standard aluminum in galvanic corrosion situations, making it an ideal choice for components that are in physical contact with uncoated, dissimilar metals.


Key Benefits

  • Improved nobility of material – Less anodic mismatch between aluminum and noble metals



  • Engine blocks
  • Airplane components
  • Ship rivets, connections, gaskets
  • Aluminum panels


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Inventors: Andre Lee, Yuelin Wu, Yang Lu


Tech ID: TEC2017-0088



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Bradley Shaw
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Michigan State University