ELISA Lab-On-A-Chip


Executive Summary


This invention allows an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to be performed on a highly portable, cost-effective microfluidic chip. The chip is manufactured with the necessary reagents and solutions pre-loaded, and requires only a minute blood sample to properly function. Results can be computed in six minutes or less, and only require a smartphone app to analyze the sample.


Description of Technology


Point of Care technology is in high demand throughout the world; particularly in regions of low development and areas difficult to access. As such, our inventors sought to provide a microfluidic screening technology that could be mass produced at a low cost, and portable enough to take anywhere. Due to the nature of microfluidic technology, only a small amount of the patient’s bodily fluids are required to provide a sufficient sample size. Advancements made in this invention’s pumping mechanism allows for a more robust, repeatable, and consistent method of driving fluids throughout the chambers, ultimately yielding a more reliable product.


Key Benefits

  • Higher degree of repeatability
  • Robust micro-design
  • Inexpensive raw materials, manufacturing
  • Uniqueness in design of the pumping device



  • Point of Care (POC) testing device for:
    • Malaria
    • HIV
    • West Nile
    • Allergens
  • Water quality testing


Patent Status: 


Under review


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Full licensing rights available


Inventors: Dr. Peter Lillehoj


Tech ID: TEC2017-0062


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For Information, Contact:

Bradley Shaw
Technology Manager
Michigan State University