Fast and Efficient Production of Cellulose Nanowhiskers for Use in Composite Materials


Executive Summary


Cellulose nanowhiskers (CNWs) are small needle like structures comprised of nanostructured cellulose that provide greater stiffness and higher tensile strength than conventionally used wood fibers. However, the current production process of CNWs is very costly and time-consuming, which renders commercialization impossible. This innovation is a novel manufacturing process which has been developed to drastically reduce the cost and production time to record lows, making commercialization of CNWs feasible. 


Description of Technology


CNWs have many potentials uses ranging from absorbents and paper products to food and pharmaceutical products. This new MSU technology simplifies the current CNW production steps into one highly efficient step which drastically cuts costs and production time. The process uses a unique mechanical device that helps in the acid hydrolysis process, allowing conservation of acid and decreasing the reaction time to a range of 2 to 5 minutes.


Key Benefits

  • Faster and more cost-effective process than current CNW fabrication methods.
  • Reduces use of oil-based polymers.



  • Bioplastics Manufacturing
  • Nanocomposites
  • Thin Film and Smart Coatings
  • Pharmaceuticals


Patent Status:

Under Review


Licensing Rights Available:

Full licensing rights available


Inventors: Dr. Ilsoon Lee, Dr. Shaowen Ji


Tech ID: TEC2014-0087


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For Information, Contact:

Bradley Shaw
Technology Manager
Michigan State University
Ilsoon Lee
Shaowen Ji