A Wearable System for Sensing of Head and Mouth Activities


Executive Summary


Many health issues related to obesity stem from poor eating and swallowing habits. Patients often report incorrect or misleading information about their eating habits to their doctor. A new technology developed by MSU inventors allows for the continuous unbiased monitoring of eating and swallowing health. 


Description of Technology


This MSU technology is a wearable unit that can gather information on mouth and swallowing activities. The user wears sensors on the shoulders and wearable to collect the raw data on their arm. This technology protects the privacy of the user and allows for a full range of normal activities.


Key Benefits

  • Accurately monitor eating and oral health
  • Protects privacy: previous technology relied on the use of microphones
  • Unobtrusive: user can wear the technology without impedance to everyday activity



  • Health monitoring
    • User can gather information about eating, and swallowing health


Patent Status: 


Patent pending


Licensing Rights Available


Full licensing rights available


MSU Inventors: Dr. Mi Zhang, Biyi Fang


Tech ID: TEC2016-0113


Patent Information:

For Information, Contact:

Raymond Devito
Technology Manager
Michigan State University